Ear reshaping addressing a spectrum of anatomical anomalies


An otoplasty refers to any procedure that alters the appearance of an ear such as size, shape and prominence.  A prominent ear is a term that is not only subjective but also broad, incorporating several anatomical anomalies that may lead to such an appearance.  It is therefore crucial to tease out your particular concerns, in the context of your ear anatomy in order to determine which components should be addressed, rather than performing a one size fits all approach of “setting back” a “prominent ear”.

The degree of alteration is very much guided by your goals while considering your overall facial features. This ensures a well balanced natural appearance with a noticeable difference without drawing attention to the site that was operated on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is an otoplasty covered by medicare?

An otoplasty is covered by Medicare.  A referral is required from a GP.
Having private insurance may improve the rebate and the hospital fee for day surgery is usually waived.

At what age can an otoplasty be done?

Depending on the circumstances, an otoplasty will be considered from 5 years of age.

How is an otoplasty done?

Many techniques can be used to achieve the desired ear shape and size.  A combination of suture fixation and cartilage moulding techniques will be tailored to each individual case.

What type of anaesthesia is required and what is the recovery like?

General anaesthetic.  An otoplasty is done as a day case which means you may be discharged within a few hours of surgery.
A head bandage is used at the end of surgery which needs to be kept clean and dry and on at all times for one week.
This is followed by a headband which is to be worn at night only while sleeping for a further 6 weeks.
Avoid contact sports for 6 weeks.


What are the potential risks and complications? Access a detailed surgical procedure information sheet by the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons here.