Neck Lift

Defining anatomical borders of the neck and lower face eliminating major ageing stigmata

nɛk lɪft

As one ages, excess neck skin, bulging fat and attenuated muscles and ligaments obliterate the defining features of the neck and lower face.  Bony definition of the lower jaw is lost leading to a lack of definition between the lower face and neck.  Similarly there is a loss of the junction between the chin and neck known as the cervicomental angle.  A heavy pendulous neck weighs down on the lower face contributing to a tired and aged facial appearance.

A neck lift aims to reverse these aged features and therefore re establish a fresh and rejuvenated facial appearance.  Depending on your findings, this can be done in isolation or in combination with a facelift, with  or without liposuction.  A comprehensive facial assessment will determine which interventions will suit you best.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can my neck be improved without having a full facelift?

In some cases, despite the face above the jaw line ageing harmoniously and being consistent and appropriate for age, the neck stands out with prominent stigmata of ageing such as heavy loose pendulous skin and prominent muscle bands.  The targeted treatment would therefore be a neck lift without necessarily having to go through with a facelift.
On the other hand some cases benefit from a facelift by itself without needing to address the neck or a combined face and neck lift.

How much scarring will I have and will it be visible?

For a neck lift, the incision is placed around the ear lobe extending behind the ear.
The side of the face along the ear is avoided unlike a facelift.

What type of anaesthesia do I require and how long will I be in hospital for?

General anaesthetic. An overnight hospital stay is not required and you can be discharged within a few hours of having your operation.

How long does the surgery take?

About 2 hours

How long will I take to recover?

Normal daily activities can be carried out after one week.  Social activities from two weeks. Returning to work will very much depend on the nature of your duties.  More strenuous activity including sports can be performed within 4-6 weeks.


What are the potential risks and complications? Access a detailed surgical procedure information sheet by the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons here.